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The 2014 Down Under Sports Hoops Classic was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the athletes to learn a challenging, Olympic style of play. It also allows them to put their skills to the test by playing against some tough competition, and quickly merging  into a team with just two intense practices.

USA and Australian teams faced off in more than 11 games each over two full days of play. The games were 15-minute halves, with a running clock.

The USA boys took home the gold medal, in a fast-paced, down-to-the- second game against a very tall, fierce Australian team that has been playing together for quite a while.

Our USA girls took the silver medal in a closely contested game as well. 

The 2014 games were very entertaining for the spectators, as teams were well matched in quality and talent. Some of the best talent ever from America!

—Savannah Oeltjen, Head Coach USA Conference Team



  • 3 Teams Per Conference (4 Conferences Total)
  • About 9 Athletes Per Team

2016 Travel Dates

AUSTRALIA Tournament Package:
July 11 - July 19*    
Hawaiian Retreat Option:
July 19 - July 22*    
*subject to change