Starter Sponsor Letter

The purpose of the starter sponsor letter is for Down Under Sports to help you get going with your fundraising so you can achieve your goal of competing Down Under. To request your starter sponsor letter and instructions, just fill in your information below and upload a picture to be used on your personalized sponsor letter (we suggest using a photo in your uniform, an action photo, or yearbook photo).

Request a Starter Sponsor Letter


By checking the box below I certify that the athlete listed on this page is a qualified athlete in their chosen sport, and that all monies raised in the use of Down Under Sports' starter sponsor letter will be remitted to Down Under Sports by the remittance date listed at the top of the starter sponsor letter. I further agree that all checks will be written to Down Under Sports. If I am not able to compete in the Down Under Tournament any community money that is raised will be used to help achieve the team's goal of competing in Australia.