Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Down Under Sports been in business?

Down Under Sports was formed in 1989 to bridge cultural and educational gaps with people of other lands. Specializing in the land down under, we have shared Australia, New Zealand, and Hawaii with tens of thousands of American Youth.

Who is eligible to participate in the Down Under Sports Tournaments?

Student athletes 14-19 years old.

How was I selected for this program?

Down Under Sports employs full-time recruiting coordinators and coaches that research deserving athletes to invite for this program.

Are we chaperoned while on the trip?

Yes. Safety is our number one priority. While on the trip, participants will be supervised by Coaches, Chaperones, Tour Escorts, and Down Under Sports Staff.

How much money can we fundraise?

You can fundraise as much as the full package price – Australia Tournament Package + Hawaiian Retreat Option. You can also fundraise costs associated with your trip including your passport, domestic airline tickets, fundraising materials, and your lunches while on the trip.

Are donations tax deductible?


How much spending money should I take on the trip?

The amount needed depends on personal spending habits. You will need money for things such as lunches, souvenirs, phone cards, and your free day activities.

Can we use frequent flyer miles to reduce the cost of the trip?

Frequent flyer miles may be used for your domestic airfare if you choose to purchase your own tickets. All other airfare is part of your package price and frequent flyer miles cannot be used due to the group nature of the trip. Please save them for other travel.

How much luggage can I take?

You can have two pieces of luggage to be checked on and one bag as a carry-on. Your luggage to be checked on should not weigh more than 50 lbs. Some domestic carriers may charge you an extra fee for luggage when checking in. Don’t forget to save room for any items that you may purchase while on your trip.

When will I receive my Final Packet?

Your Final Packet, which includes your uniform, flight itinerary, Down Under Sports t-shirt, and other important travel documents will arrive approximately 3 weeks before your travel dates.

Do I need to have any special immunizations before I travel?

Immunizations are not required for entry to Australia. You should check with your health care provider or local health department for their recommendations on any shots.